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I took my car in for warranty work on the body of my car. The 'service manager' was rude, made me wait in the service bay while he finished typing for at least five minutes, asked me 'who told you to talk to me'....then told me yes, my car is under warranty but I needed to take it 'to a dealership who has a body shop...I don't have one.' I went in the following week to register a complaint with HIS supervisor and was told I'd get a call back that day.

Three days later I wrote a letter via email to Twin City and filed a complaint with Chrysler Corporate, as this is the third time I've had warranty work to be done and have had problems getting it done. The next day I got a call from the "head" service manager who sent me to a local body shop (they were wonderful!!)...promising to turn the estimate in to Chrysler. I later received a call from the same man telling me the estimate had been approved. I had to wait a week for the part to come in and dropped my car in on a Monday with an estimate the car would be done on Thursday.

On Wednesday night I got a call from the body shop saying that Twin City had 'modified' the estimate and if I wanted the car completed as estimated, "I" would have to pay $450.00. Twin City Dodge/Chrysler had not informed me of any 'modifications' to the estimate. I contacted Chrysler Corporate that night and was told they would call Twin City the next morning (Thursday) and authorize the entire repair. At 4:00 PM Thursday evening no one from Corporate had contacted Twin City, and no one from Twin City had contacted the body shop.

My car was still in pieces. Friday goes by and I get very angry, calling Twin City in the morning and asking to speak to the owner. At approx. 4:30PM the owner returned my call (after playing phone tag...not his fault) and I told him the story.

He was very nice, told me to keep the rental car and that he would get my car finished as promised. Shortly afterwards, at approximately 5PM I received a call from Chrysler Corporate who said that they had spoken to the dealership (the service manager again) who said they would pay $177 of the $450 but I would have to pay the rest. I informed them I had now spoken with the owner who said they would pay for it all as it is warranty work! She called me back again in 10 minutes to tell me I'd have to now pay "only $100 deductible" for out of warranty work.

At this point I was beyond angry and informed her I would pay for nothing as the car is in warranty!! She called me back within 5 minutes and said they would pay the entire thing. Fast forward.....the next Tuesday I got my car back. The 'service manager' had one of his employees call me to tell me they had picked up my car and it was on the lot.

I've gotten no follow up from the dealership and I've not heard from corporate at all. I have been a Chrysler owner for 11 years. I am selling my Chrysler Convertible. If I can't get my car serviced without a hassle, I don't need the car.

Avoid this will have little recourse unless you spend a huge amount of time and effort to get them .....the dealer and honor their service obligations. It is no wonder Chrysler is in trouble

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